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Om Alexander


Here  is the short story of my life in english:

My teaching is called PUST yoga, meaning Breath yoga


I started with yoga when i was 14 years old 1986, because i had a lot of

issues in life .  These issues were digestive problems and depression.  I had gone to doctor for some time ad got some medicine, But really i did not become any better. 


 My fist teacher was my mother who did some yoga and gave me some books. I started my practice too look for truths that could help me understand my issues. So i started doing breath exercises and slow asana practice every day -  I also reed al loot of books about yoga philosophy. This i did for 10 years from i was 14-24years old. Then I started to study Physiotherapy in Oslo

I had as I wrote earlier problem with my digestive system and had a lot of anxiety and depression. After practicing this slow asana practice and synchronize it with the breath it starter to balance my digestive system and my anxiety was less.  I also found that this yoga did help me to become more alert and aware of many things, it opens my mind in a way.  

 So regarding Satya i really think that true practice started with wanting to find the truth about my digestive problems- I and my father had pushed so hard with training so i relay had to learn about ahimsa, to learn that not to use hush words and pressure to reach goals - So because of this Ahimsa became very important for me to live by

I never use any kind of pressure or violence in my yoga practice or in my life. I I want the students to look inside themself and be patient in the practice, So Breath yoga is yoga form where we do not push our self or the student. We always breath into the problem and make room for the problem the anxiety or fear to release. Or we talk about private issues and share about how we with understanding often can make room for change.  

So Ashima is important in the teaching of  Breath yoga. I do not want to hurt another human being or any other living creature. 

My whole life have been a svadhyaya.. I believe in karma, but i also believe that problems like my digestive problem can be a” blessing in disguise” And came to give me chance to find my way,  so from i was 15 years old i started to practice and do self-study. I have the whole-time reed books from different kind of master’s in yoga but also in Sufism, Buddhism and christianity

 I believe that a true yogi is a person who live has mastered his own life true self study, Yoga, meditation, being in nature and contemplation. So I have practice this my whole life.


Yama an Niyama is also importen Issues i as i teacher talks about in classes.


I have written books about Breath in Norwegian an have also written a YOGA book about PUST yoga and the practice.


I have a yoga studio in Oslo for over 25 years.

Contact me if you want to join our PUST yoga education -


Jeg er også utdannet fysioterapeut og gir behandlinger knyttet til mange ulike lidelser .  For informasjon om bøker eller Pustebehandlinger  ta kontakt på 91601441



"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"

Medlem av IYN - Independent yoga network. Dette er foreningen for yogis som kjemper for at yogaen skal få være fri, ikke styres slik som i den amerikanske yogaalliance.


Jeg holder kurs innen breathwork ulike steder. contact me

Priser og kontakt

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