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Artikkel fra Nettavisen

om PUST yoga og Alexander Teerth.  Artikkelen heter "smerten er en læremester"

Article from Nettavisen about Breath Yoga and Alexander Teerth . The article is called "Pain is a Teacher in disguaise"

Artikkel fra NRK.

Er du ein pustar, eller ein pesar?
Du pustar 20.000 gonger om dagen, men tenker sjelden over det. Gjør du det rett, eller blir pustinga eit pes?

Are you a breather, or a pusher ?
You breathe 20,000 times a day, but rarely think about it. Are you doing it right, or has

Breathing has become a panty

Ro er bare et åndedrag unna. Det er mottoet til fysioterapeut og yogalærer Aleksander Skari.

silence is just a breath away. It is the motto of physiotherapist and yoga teacher Aleksander Teerth

PUST yoga has received coverage various media in Norway. Pust mens Breath in Norwegian. With our online breath teaching and yoga sessions you will become a yogi learning either physically on a course or online. i know this teaching will help you heal and find you true potential as the you open yourself to the transformative power of Breath. 

In the west today we breath around 15-20 times per minute

In the yogi practice an i the yoga sutra, Patanjali says the the way of the yogi is breathcontrol and have a breath that is slow , deep with a long exhalation. Did you know that in the hatha yoga pradika says the same:


















Did you know that shallow breathing and fast breathing/ over breathing is triggering your autonomic nervous system into sympaticus modus.. That means that you are always in a "fright" "flight" or  fight modus. This is very unhealthy and fuels the body with stress. 

This makes your HRV. variabel to be low . To be more  healthy we need to have train to have a high HRV . /Pulskuren av  Dr torkil Færø

A high HRV is showing that your autonomic nervous system is in coherence. In balance . A low HRV showes thar the autonomic nervous system is not in balance.

Did you know that mouth breathing can lead to serious health issues, like asthma, high blodpressure, heart disease  , cronic feeling low on energi, migrenes an more. Did you know that  PST an anxiety han reduce with other breathing Technics". On this site i will learn you how to breath in the right way to fuel a balance in the nervous system between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic par of the system. So this are breathe work that will helps the body and mind to stay healthy. Taken from James Nestor - The author of the book " Breath"

In this book an in my book Breath - the way back to coherence and a coherent autonomic nerve system- You can order it her 

Breath yoga is a quiet restorative yoga focus in learning is breath, breathing exercises, pranayama, posture chaning exercises that will help you to steady your nasal breathing and prolong the exhalation and  full yoga breath, as well as other twenty breathing techniques. It is calm and the focus is on being able to relax deep. You will learn why it is importen to breath conscious an why trauma need to brathing exercises to open the traumaes an heal it. This you can do with strong breath work, releasing  the trauma, i recomed that you do this in one to one session or under guidance of profesionals.  learn why awareness at your own breathing is essential to cope with stress.  PUST  yoga provide the opportunity to regulate your own stress in a more constructive way. It is also recommended to use Puls watch like Garmin with HRV measures to really see what happens under breath yoga exercises. Learn how an why  to incoporate nose breathing in your daily routine.

"Inner silence is just a breath away"

Welcome to BREATH yoga. PUST yoga has a home-based online teaching as well as physical courses in oslo . PUST yoga online courses are donation-based. By donation, you get the opportunity to access homeschooling. Alexander Teerth is a yogi and have been a sanyasin of Vasant Swaha, and had yoga teachers like D. Swenson, G.Devereux  ang has from the age of 14 years old used breathing exercises and yoga to becom more aware of the bodies signal and the signal in the breath. I hope my teachinch can help pepole to find a better coherance in the autonomic nerve system , a better HRV, and a life without diseases. This is my wish.

Did you know that in the West at average pepole breathe 15-20 breathes per minute, but that in yogic understanding, the healthiest breath is when it is at rest at 4-6 breaths per minute.
A lot of research has been done on the effect of what you call slow breathing in the West. It turns out that this has  incredible numbers of preventive health effects for body and mind. in PUST yoga online donasedbased member side then you will find explanations of whereor.

PUST yoga is based on the 8 limbs system developed by Patanjali about 3000 years ago. Breath yoga is Hatha yoga but with  more focus on pranayama and BREATH incredible ability to create miracles in body,mind and soul.  PUST has the main focus on pranayama, but all 7 other parts are also included in the method.
whose purpose is to reduce stress, open up to the "now" as well as to live from the Now. It's about developing concentration as well as gain insight into why Yama, Niyama is so important to create a good and balanced life and open up to their Dharma . That translates to your inner path. The path where you open up to who you really are under all the layers that you have created yourself as armor in the face of demands from the outside . The founder is Alexander Teerth who is a yogi since he started selfstudies from the age og 14. Alexander is also a Physiotherapist , painter, writer , poet and has work many years as a HSEQ adviser in Norway. 

Alexander is known from TV2, NRK, Nettavisen and Aftenposten
Alexander Teerth Skari has even walked the path from "darkness to light" below you can hear a little about his life and his teachings.

The video above is from Good Morning Norway on TV2

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